Reactors.IO Documentation Resources

Here you can find various documentation sources for the Reactors framework.

Guides and tutorials

The Reactors.IO step-by-step guide explains the concepts in the framework in detail. It is the best way to get started. There is also the FAQ section, which quickly covers some important concepts.

API docs

Below you can find ScalaDoc API documentation for specific Reactors.IO versions:

Talks and videos

These talks and videos cover different aspects of the Reactors.IO framework.

Reactors - Road to Composable Distributed Computing
ScalaDays Berlin 2016
Reactors - Programming Model for Composable Distributed Computing
Voxxed Days Zurich 2016

Reactors.IO Under-The-Hood

These documents describe the internal design and the goals behind the Reactors.IO framework.

Reactors, Channels and Event Streams for Composable Distributed Computing
Reactor semantics and their role in distributed system design are described in detail in this Onward 2015 paper.
Containers and Aggregates, Mutators and Isolates for Reactive Programming
Event streams and related event-based programming abstractions are described in this paper. At the time the paper was written, event streams used to have the Reactive[T] type (now represented with the Events[T] type). Observers used to have the type Reactor[T] (now represented with the Observer[T] type). This was changed in the Reactors.IO 0.6 version.


Dashboards with benchmark data are updated automatically: