Actors done right
Reactors.IO fuses the best parts of functional reactive programming and the actor model


Reactors.IO is a framework for building distributed systems. It combines the strengths of functional reactive programming and classical actor systems to provide a next generation foundation for distributed computing.

Primarily targetting the JVM, the Reactors framework has bindings for both Java and Scala. More coming soon!

To learn more, see the quick tour of features below, take a look at the documentation section or check out our Getting Started Guide.


And does all this work?

It sure does.

Reactors.IO was used to implement a real-time 3D engine prototype. The reactive nature of a game engine was an excellent fit for Reactors.IO, both from the user interface and from the game simulation standpoint.

The Reactors.IO implementation ensures low GC overheads and good throughput. The engine delivers a steady, high frame rate (>100FPS), with low latency.